Fast Boat!
s Make II
Vintage 1959 - 1980

Kestrel 2000

The Kestrel 2000, the current version of the dinghy, is an absolutely beautiful boat! The foredeck is cleaner in design and the side buoyancy tanks have been remodelled with a distinct angled inner section, replacing the radius curve of previous marks. Decks are of an off-white colour whilst the hull can be specified with two colours below the water line is usually white. The boat is often fitted with a mast strut that stiffens the lower mast and offers tremendous sail shaping, through adjustable mast bend. Power up with a straighter mast in light air, and add pre-bend in the heavy breezes.

Make IIs

The Make II is not as numerous as the Make I and looks very different above the hull. There is no afterdeck and the side buoyancy tanks are extended to the transom. Spinnaker chutes were optional and the Kestrel could be specified with centre or transom sheeting.

Make I

A Make I may have had many modifications made to it. Not all were produced with spinnaker chutes and many have changed from transom sheeting to centre sheeting. It is not uncommon to find strengthening bars fitted between the chainplates to stiffen the hull for racing. These dinghies were supplied with either steel or alloy centreboards. Cruising boats may not have been fitted out with transom flaps or bailers.

Kestrel Sail Numbers
Type Number Maker
Wooden 1 - 6 Jack Chippendale
Mk1 7 - 1428 John Gmach
Mk 1 1/2 1429 John Gmach
Mk ii 1430 - 1479 John Gmach
Mk II 1480 - 1502 Martin Boats
Mk !! 1510 - 1512 Moores of Wroxham
Mk II 1513 - 1516 Williams
2000 1530 - current Hartley Boats